We Stole a Sperm Whale

Artwork Description

What would happen if I found a sperm whale kept in captivity in an aquarium? As I doodled this possibility, I only felt that the whale would be sad and the children who looked at it would be even sadder. What should we do? Let’s steal the whale and release it! This story is inspired by the traditional Chinese tale—"The Flooding of Jinshan Temple”. The children fill the aquarium until it overflows and its waters merge with the ocean. In my story, the ending is different from the original.

A sperm whale came in the aquarium! There is only this aquarium in the world!

But she looks like very unhappy.

We are going to help the sperm whale home!

If the aquarium turns into an ocean, can she swim home?


Cui Chao

Female China 1981 1215297500@qq.com

City of birth Zibo

Now lives & works in Shanghai

Techniques used Watercolour, toner, charcoal, pencil, digital

Published/Unpublished Not published