Komorebi, sobremesa, gezellig

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In every language, there is a world of very precise words to describe complex emotions. Every country’s language is like a person with their own character. If you put these words together, you can draw the portrait of a whole nation with its unique mix of thoughts and feelings. Some of these words will surely sound familiar to you. But others have no equivalents in any other language they might surprise you and awake you to special moments, like the sunlight shining through the leaves of a tree.






Maria Ivashkina

Female Russia 1995 mi@milebooks.ru

City of birth Moscow

Now lives & works in Moscow

Techniques used watercolor, pastel

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2021

ISBN Number 9785604489710

Publisher Komorebi, sobremesa, gezellig, published by MILE books (Russia)