Buy Me Fried Meat, Grandma

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Qiuqiu is happy today because she gets to go to the market with her grandmother. There are all sorts of tasty things to eat and fun things to see at the market: fragrant noodles, sweet nougat, cute goldfish, shiny jewellery, and her favourite—fried meat! But after a while, grandma is still busy buying groceries, but not fried meat. Qiuqiu must figure out a way to get it by herself.

Xu Wanxia

Female China 1988

City of birth Chongqing

Now lives & works in Chongqing

Techniques used Gouache

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2021

ISBN Number 9787559652546

Publisher 奶奶,买炸酥肉 [Buy Me Fried Meat, Grandma], published by Post Wave Kids (China)