The Rumba Cat

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Artwork Description

This is a book project based on a song by Catalan music band La Pegatina. It talks about a funny cat who plays rumba music and how he became a musician. As a young cat, he did not find his place in the world until he discovered his passion for music and followed it along. The Rumba Cat meets people, travels the world and enjoys doing what he loves the most…

I'm the rumba cat, dancing on the rooftops

I will sing you my story

Travelling the world

Cheering everyone up

Party time!

Anna Aparicio Català

Female Spain 1991

City of birth Barcelona

Now lives & works in Barcelona

Techniques used Digital

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2021

ISBN Number 9788412266764

Publisher El gat rumberu, published by Nanit Editiorial (Spain)