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A girl contemplates her future while she people-watches at the local outdoor pool. Choices, both insignificant and life-changing, are all around us. Whether we want to make a splash or just dip our toes into new experiences, there is always a decision involved. Profound and humorous, “Choices” encourages readers to value the power behind their thoughts and actions.

Little choices

Bigger choices

You can choose to stand out or to blend in with the others.

Some choices are easy, but some take more time.

Make sure to always follow your heart!


Female Netherlands 1994

City of birth Arnhem

Now lives & works in Rotterdam

Techniques used Crayons, pencil and ink on colored paper. Edited digitally.

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2021

ISBN Number 9781786285645

Publisher Choices, published by Child’s Play (United Kingdom)