The sound of numbers

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Artwork Description

This is a book to learn to count from 1 to 30. The story takes place in a kindergarten, on each page the children can count… 15 nicely decorated masks, 16 gymnastics mats, 19 confiscated toys in the teacher’s drawer, 22 radishes growing in the school garden, 23 ants eating over a lost piece of pasta in the canteen, 24 soap bubbles chasing butterflies…

15 masks well decorated

16 gymnastics mats

19 confiscated toys, in the drawer of the teacher

22 radishes that have grown and 23 ants that have found the little pasta in the canteen

24 soap bubbles chasing butterflies

Billaudeau Julien

Male France 1983

City of birth Chambray-les-Tours

Now lives & works in Rennes

Techniques used Mixed media

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2020

Publisher Published in France by Benjamins Media