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The “light” in the story has multiple symbolic meanings. It is the light of the lamp on the girl’s desk. This light illuminates her diary and irradiates every picture—this light is the seed of love. Love is what moves girls to transform their appearance and wear different masks. Love makes the girl dress up in different looks and put on different personas. But one day, she realises that being her authentic self is what matters most when showing true love.

Light-I wrote in my diary: Today, I am falled in love

Light-pretending to be a pig

Light-Shuttle in the crowd

Light-I don't care about other people's eyes

Light-he and I finished this painting on the wall together

Chen Xi

Female China 1993

City of birth Qianjiang

Now lives & works in Beijing

Techniques used Acrylic Marker

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2019

ISBN Number 9788833700113

Publisher La luce/光, published by Topipittori (Italy)