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The Bologna Children’s Book Fair is the event in the publishing year’s calendar, built around children’s content today. It is the world’s premium copyright exchange hub when it comes to publishing and now it includes an extra core that extends to all multi-media and licensing business for children’s content. Publishers, illustrators, literary agents, authors, licensors and licensees, printers, distributors, audiobook professionals, booksellers, brands, librarians flock to the event each spring to experience the business world of books and multimedia products.


Founded in 2004 and based in Hangzhou, M. Latin children’s wear has always focused on the original designs of high-end children's clothing. It has an original designer children's clothing brand M. Latin, a fashionable children's brand for all ages, MANHOJIA, a children's companion growth brand, With me by M Latin, which uphold "Let children become their best selves" as the brand mission and aim at creating a kind, warm and beautiful environment for children.

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The General Directorate for Book, Archives and Libraries (DGLAB) is a public body under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture. Its aim is to define and oversee the coordination and implementation of an integrated non-school and library book policy at national level, and the dissemination of Portuguese literary works and writers at an international level.

Emilia is an independent digital magazine which aims to contributing to the knowledge update and professional development of any one working in contact with books and reading. Since its foundation in 2011, Emilia has extended its range of activities, which include today conference and seminar organisation, consulting, annual publications and the creation of an online training centre: Laboratorio Emilia.

The Iranian Illustrators’ Society (IIS) was established in 2003 as a professional, not-for-profit and non-governmental organization to promote children’s books illustration and improve its quality in order to reach international standards. It also aims to protect the rights of Iranian illustrators and facilitate their professional development as well as their social care. 

ZZCETISTAR is a multi-disciplined art platform gathering illustrators and illustration lovers established in 2016 at Shanghai, China, which focuses on illustration creation and cultural communication. By hosting exhibitions and art workshops, running self-publishing, and collaborating with artists, ZZCETISTAR shows its core idea “illustration is beyond two dimensional surface.” Bringing illustration into commercial branding, cultural creation and lifestyle, ZZCETISTAR aims to extend its idea to more people.

Betweens: The organizer of the International Illustration Art Festival, a platform that brings together professional illustration artists around the world.
Founded in 2017 in Shanghai, China, Betweens has signed thousands of illustrators and is dedicated to illustration publishing and distribution, extensive collaboration with commercial brands and art galleries, curation of quality content, culture communication of illustration art, artist-in-residence programs, brand IP incubation, publicizing illustration art, and brand crossover marketing, etc.

Dong Ming Studio is an innovative studio, which focuses on the professional children’s book researching and teaching. It also supports the power of original Chinese illustrator. The Studio has designed and published the several hundred of children’s books, planned workshops and lectures many times, especially curated the large-scale illustration and children’s book exhibitions a lot of times. There are thousands of international illustrator’s art works had been displayed at the exhibitions to promote the communication between the international illustrator and the public. 


Shenzhen iRead Foundation’s vision is high quality children’s reading can promote a better future. Striving to share the joy of reading with every child, Shenzhen iRead Foundation us dedicated to driving the development of children’s reading.

As part of the diversified services of Shanghai Library, The Exhibition of Shanghai Library has developed for nearly 30 years to provide a great exhibition platform for famous artists around the world. The Exhibition of Shanghai Library constantly works with public libraries and art institutions nationwide with openness and inclusion, and is committed to providing professional art, cultural and public welfare exhibitions for readers.
Since the opening of the Shanghai Library East Branch in 2022, The Exhibition of Shanghai Library has organized a series of quality exhibitions that have attracted a great deal of attention and influenced the society to some degree, such as Jin Yong Exhibition - Shanghai, China in the Classics Special Exhibition, and WAKE UP! SPRING!2022-2023 Four Seasons Illustration Exhibition. In the new environment, The Exhibition of Shanghai Library will strive to explore public-oriented reading services in a broad sense, taking the library’s collection as the source and innovation as the path to continue to provide unique art and cultural services to the public.

Shanghai Bookcity is one of Shanghai's largest comprehensive bookstores steeped in history and cultural significance. Known for its rich literary atmosphere and embodiment of the city's memory, its history dates back to the early 1990s when Shanghai Bookcity was established on Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street and cherished as an important cultural landmark.
The renovated Shanghai Bookcity is not only a vibrant hub of literature and art, but also a symbol of urban culture. Its rich history, deep cultural influence, and diverse offerings set it apart from other Shanghai bookstores.

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ComoNetwork, founded in 2005, ComoNetwork has been dedicated to research and development on enterprise-level digital solutions, including consulting, planning and implementation of project/platform building, mobile web application and e-Commerce.