What the Moon Told Me

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Golden Pinwheel Astra Award

Artwork Description

Sometimes going to bed seems so unfair to children—why am I the ONLY one who has to go to sleep? But everywhere around the world, other kids are falling asleep too. Where do they sleep? What might they be dreaming about? From the Moon’s-eye view, we peek into how children living in very different contexts are going to sleep tonight.

No! Enough! It's not fair!

A girl sleeps alone among flowers

A boy sleeps to the sound of soft chatter

papa whispers that nothing's the matter

safe and sound

Yuliya Gwilym

Female Ukraine 1987 yufrukt@gmail.com

City of birth Kiev

Now lives & works in The Hague

Techniques used mixed media. (collage, ink, crayons, stamp printing)

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2021

ISBN Number 979119000122

Publisher 달님이 보여준 세상 [Dalnimi boyeojun sesang], published by Who’s Got My Tail (South Korea)