The Pallas's Cat Who Wanted Everything

Artwork Description

The story of the Pallas’s Cat is inspired by a Qinghai folk tale adapted by Xiong Liang. At the beginning of the world, animals had no patterns. The Pallas' Cat was one of them. He thought his gray fur looked monotonous and dull. But one day he discovered a shining object on the ground—a colourful piece of stone. With the stone he created pigments. And with the pigments, he drew himself nice patterns. The Pallas’ Cat will soon become the envy of all the other animals...

The Beginning of the Word

The Palla's Cat Feels Boring

Another Animal Came

It Shocked the Animal World

Start Thinking About It's Own Multicolor Patterns


Female China 1989

City of birth Chaozhou

Now lives & works in Beijing

Techniques used Woodcut block prints

Published/Unpublished Not published