Artwork Description

Duif is a poetic visual children’s book telling the tender story of an honourable pigeon keeper, one who dreams of having his pigeon fly back home the lengthy and surrealistic distance all the way from Moon to Earth. Basiel, the main character, is a master in pigeon racing, winning every trophy there is. Yet he seems to be slowly derailing with that certain new goal he wants to achieve: having his pigeon fly back home the distance from Moon to Earth. Is Basiel losing it, or simply chasing dreams? Through the open ending, it is up to the reader to decide.

Jacques Maes & Lise Braekers

Male Belgium 1984 contact@jacquesandlise.com

City of birth Diest

Now lives & works in Diest

Techniques used Pencil sketches combined with digital colouring and analog texturization

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date October 2017

ISBN Number 978-94-6131-735-3

Publisher Van Halewyck