Our Hands, Our Lives

Artwork Description

Two families living in different places have different living habits. When they become one family, there is a different spark. The picture book is about two families who are related to each other, including farmers, craftsmen, hairdressers, teachers and doctors. They set out to create stories of life. It helps children understand the meaning of working with hands–in the family atmosphere, how to find and shape themselves, feeling the beauty of hands-on creation.

My Grandfather's Hand

Grandfather's Hand

Grandma Goes to Pick Tea

Uncle Is a Barber

Family Day

He Qian

Male China 1979 381733568@qq.com

City of birth Wuhan

Now lives & works in Beijing

Techniques used Acrylic paint

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date November 2017

ISBN Number 9787507225150

Publisher China Welfare Institute Publishing House