The Overcoat

Artwork Description

Five illustrations based on the story The Overcoat by N. V. Gogol are made with a combination of techniques on paper—watercolour, ink, pencil, ball-point pen, tempera, acrylic and collage, to express as much freedom and diversity as possible. I focus more on the process of making trials and mistakes while working. I tried to create more subtexts and layers both in conceptualization and the visual execution. The iconic Gogol’s story provides enough space in its narrative to allow for your own interpretation. It presents various characters and atmosphere with insight in the world of small (and not so small) bureaucrats, subtly pointing out the tragic absurdity of the society, as well as resonating with the present in many aspects.

Winter Morning in St. Petersburg

Akaky Akakievich Bashmachkin

The Midnight Encounter

The Prominent Personage

Akaky Akakievich and the Prominent Personage

Vendi Vernić

Female Croatia 1991

City of birth Zagreb

Now lives & works in Zagreb

Techniques used Watercolour, pencils, ink, ball-point pens, tempera, acrylic, collage

Published/Unpublished Not published