The Happy Prince

Artwork Description

A picturebook adaptation of Oscar Wilde's story, The Happy Prince. A story about a statue, the Happy Prince, and a swallow who help the people in the city they live. The Happy Prince is deeply saddened by the class divide between the rich and the poor. The Happy Prince asks the swallow to take the jewels that cover him to the people in the city who need them the most. It's about love, friendship, sacrifice, empathy, poverty and suffering.

The Swallow Arrives in the City

"Why Are You Crying Happy Prince?"

The Hungry and Cold Writer

Then the Snow Came

"You Must Kiss Me on the Lips, for I Love You"

Maisie Paradise Shearring

Female United Kingdom 1991

City of birth Hull

Now lives & works in Cambridge

Techniques used Mixed media, pencil crayons, collage, paint, ink

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date 2017

ISBN Number 978-0500651551

Publisher Thames and Hudson LTD