It Gave Up, How So?

Artwork Description

It's a picture book about climate change, deforestation, marine pollution and other ecological and societal threats to the planet Earth. In the story, our planet gives up on humanity and suddenly goes away. First, people try to find habitable exoplanets, alternate universes, philosophical or political solutions, but they find nothing. So they decide to take one small, obvious step, to stop harming the environment, even if it is already too late. Or so it seems…

Catarina Sobral

Female Portugal 1985

City of birth Coimbra

Now lives & works in Lisbon

Techniques used Crayons, pencils, collage, ecolines, markers, Indian ink

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date August 2018

ISBN Number 978-2-940617-08-1

Publisher Editions Notari