The China Bottle

Artwork Description

Once upon a time in Ming Dynasty China, an exceptionally talented ceramicist had a granddaughter who loved spending time in his workshop. She was a great assistant, helping him select and purify his clays and painting and glazing his finished porcelains. One day, her grandfather painted her playing with a “jianzi” (a traditional Chinese toy), on two vases he was making. One of them found its way to Europe and became a gift for a little princess. She liked the vase very much and was very curious about the girl on it. She even dreamt of playing with her. To make his daughter happy, the king summoned his craftsmen to learn the secret of porcelain making. It was a decision that was destined to change history.

Monica Barengo

Female Italy 1990

City of birth Turin

Now lives & works in Turin

Techniques used Pencil, coloured pencil, digital drawing

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date July 2017

ISBN Number 9789861898100

Publisher Grimm Press