The Legend of Ceibo Flower

Artwork Description

These images are part of a series of illustrations made for a kamishibai about the legend of the Ceibo Flower. Kamishibai is a method to tell stories through a small wooden theater in which illustrations are inserted or removed as the story unfolds. The legend of Guarani tells how the Ceibo Flower, the national flower of Argentina, was born. Guaraníes are the native South American people located in Paraguay, northeast of Argentina, southwest of Brazil, southeast of Bolivia, and Uruguay. They named the majority of the animals and plants of the region. The story takes place on the banks of Paraná and Uruguay rivers. It tells about the life of Anahí, a girl capable of singing like birds, who is also a Guaraní warrior. She fights against the Spanish conquest to protect her people.

María Victoria Rodríguez

Female Argentina 1989

City of birth Rosario

Now lives & works in Rosario

Techniques used Photoshop, inks

Published/Unpublished Published

Publishing date September, 2016

Publisher Oh!Pacha-toys