What Is a River?

Artwork Description

Rivers have many powers: they carry sediments and sentiments, revive lands and minds, connect places and times. What Is a River? is a picture book about rivers and the variety of relations they have with us, humans. The story follows a child and her grandma on their imaginary expedition as they try to find out what a river could be in different contexts. The story is based on a collection of geographical, cultural, historical references as well as personal memories of growing up close to a river. The book combines non-fiction and poetic storytelling with the aim to create a narrative of the neighbourhood between nature and people, interconnectedness and wonder. Illustrations were drawn with colour pencils, watercolours, gouache, and touched up with digital tools.

What Is a River?

A River Is a Refreshment

A River Is a Meeting Place

A River Is a Path

A River Is the Ocean

Monika Vaicenaviciene

Female Lithuania 1991 monika@vaicenaviciene.com

City of birth Vilnius

Now lives & works in Vilnius

Techniques used Colour pencils, watercolours, gouache, digital drawing

Published/Unpublished Not published