Greetings from the Republic of Umba

Artwork Description

The Republic of Umba is an imaginary country, with very peculiar characters, landscapes, animals and vegetation. As it is not about any country, its history is also told in a special way. Through postage stamps, we get to know their citizens, their customs and most characteristic elements that make the Republic of Umba a unique place. It is a work that talks about the imagination, especially that flows around when we are children. It also seeks to reclaim postal mail as a form of almost obsolescent communication. In these times, writing a letter requires a lot of courage, because it demands time, dedication and patience. This graphic work pays homage to such noble act.

View of Maina

Loriló Bird

Snail Bus

Mrs. Spider

Chubú Volcano

Mari Pérez Pantoja

Female Chile 1979

City of birth Santiago

Now lives & works in Santiago

Techniques used Collage, gouache, stamps

Published/Unpublished Not published